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March 12, 2012
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Name: Lilith
Race: Demon
Birthday: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Eden (supposedly)
Height: 187 cm (6'1'')
Weight: 88 kg
Eyes: Deep magenta with golden flecks
Hair: Black
Blood Type: Unknown
Class: N/A
Meister Type: N/A

Appearance: All Lilith has in common with Kiyomi is the eye colour. Lilith has the look of a young Caucasian woman of unearthly beauty when encountered in Gehenna. She often changes shape to fool those around her, but while in her true form, she looks as described above, only with curved horns and a golden headpiece. The headpiece is more a symbol of her independence from the demonic hierarchy and Satan than a piece of jewellery. Her skin is very pale, almost unnaturally so.

Lilith sees no practical need for clothes and thereby shuns them. She can be inclined to wear something if it serves one of her goals somehow.

Personality: Rebellious, ambitious, headstrong, persistent and deceptive, Lilith will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She hates males of all species, especially humans, and will not even deign to look at what she considers to be "small fry". Only someone of demon king status may be permitted to speak to her, and even then they'd do best to curb their tongue, lest they want to suffer her wrath. She's easily bored, even in Gehenna, and makes it very much her point to remain independent of Satan and his minions.

Since she likes being a rogue element and possesses the gift of foresight, she foresaw that Satan would create half-breed offspring, and moved to do the same. She fully intends to use Kiyomi to her own ends, possessing her if she has to. This is to keep Satan in check so he won't "get too cocky" as she puts it.

Abilities: Lilith possesses great intelligence, insight and charisma. Naturally, she's stronger and faster than anything a human can hope to match, but her deadliest weapon is her mind. She's very persuasive and seductive. Any male she chooses for a bedmate won't know what hit him until it's over. She's a strategist with a brilliant mind for war, preferring to use her own forces in battle while she plans it all.

Succubus: Because she's a succubus, and the most powerful of them all, Lilith possesses the following traits:

★ Succubus persuasion. Anyone who hears Lilith speak feels compelled to obey her wish. Satan, succubi/incubi, Kiyomi, celestial beings and half-celestials are immune to this ability. Demon kings can resist it if they're aware of it.

★ Succubus empath. Lilith instinctively knows when someone is attracted to a person.

★ Demonic telepathy.

★ Dream walking. Lilith can freely enter someone's dream. This allows her to drain them of their life force, save them from succubi/incubi attacks or simply observe their dreams.

★ Demonic spells. All succubi can learn demonic spells, but due to being the most powerful one, Lilith knows the most ancient and highest-level ones as well. On her list are divination, healing, enchantments and illusions, but also destructive spells.

★ Foresight. Lilith has the power to see events unfold long before they actually come to pass.

★ Life drain. Any creature Lilith touches with her hands she can drain the life-force of. The preferred method is to combine this with dream walking, when her victims are completely defenceless.

★ Her name means "belonging to the night".

★ Lilith eats a lot of meat and vegetables, preferring healthy food in order to keep her body fit and attractive. She prefers vegetables raw.

★ Her favourite food is fried snake meat.

★ Lilith's least favourite food is pizza.

★ She enjoys music and art.

★ Lilith's favourite pastimes are: chess, developing new spells, scrying on Kiyomi to watch her progress and plotting out her schemes. She also hoards knowledge long lost to humankind.

★ She sleeps 1 hour a day.

★ As the manifestation of desire, Lilith preys on the desires of mortals. Her favourite victims are human males.

★ Lilith loves bathing in milk and honey, like the Egyptian queens of old.

★ She can speak English, French, Japanese, Arabic and several dead languages, including Babylonian.

★ Like her daughter, Lilith is terrible at knitting. She's also a bad cook and can't for the life of her figure out modern technology.

★ Her favourite quote is: A woman who strives to be equal to a man lacks ambition.
Info sheet for Lilith, Kiyomi's demonic mother.

She's evil, badass and dangerous - the demon Lilith, who's so vicious and powerful even Satan prefers to leave her be. She's based off of the demon queen Lilith in Jewish and Muslim myths, where she was the first wife of Adam and later on the wife of Satan, helping him create the djinn.

Her daughters:

Hua Fengmei info sheet
Name: Hua Fengmei (pinyin: Huā Fēngměi; hanzi: 花瘋美)
Race: Half-demon (Human/Succubus)
Birthday: April 18th
Age: 67
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Gehenna
Height: 172 cm (5'7'')
Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
Eyes: Deep magenta with a golden ring around the pupils
Hair: Chocolate brown
Blood Type: B+
Affiliation: None
Class: N/A
Meister Type: N/A
Appearance: Like Kiyomi, Fengmei has been blessed with unusual height compared to her human half. She has chocolate brown, curly hair that reaches down to her shoulders, which she faithfully keeps stylised. In more casual situations, however, she likes to keep it down.
She's a tint more tanned in skin colour than Kiyomi, thanks in part from living in middle China and spending more time outside in the sun. Just like her younger sister, her eyes are magenta, but the gold manifested in a circle around her pupils ra
Kiyomi info sheet
Name: Okamiya Kiyomi (岡宮清見)
Race: Half-demon (Human/Succubus)
Birthday: February 14th
Age: 17 ( * )
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Morioka, Iwate, Japan
Height: 175 cm (5'8'')
Weight: 58 kg (127,8 lbs)
Eyes: Deep magenta with golden flecks
Hair: Black
Blood Type: AB
Affiliation: Exorcists
Class: Exwire
Meister Type: Doctor
( * ) Kiyomi starts her first year at the special exorcist school at True Cross Academy after it was rebuilt, but she's already studied at the academy for a year before she did. Thus, she's one year older than Vieno.
Appearance: Despite being Japanese, Kiyomi is unusually tall. She has black, curly hair that goes down to the small of her back, but she can't be bothered to do much with it. While she's a faithful attendant at the hairdresser, it's only because she wants her hair trimmed. Only on special occasions does she g

Myeong Iseul, a fellow succubus and agent of hers can be found here:

AnE OC: Myeong Iseul by BubblesTea

Her intro story can be found here:

Magenta Eyes
Almost a year had passed. She was used to it now. The sounds, the smells, the sensations, the tastes... while it made most demons crave for more, it brought about unwanted memories better left forgotten. Reaching up with her claw-free hand, she once more observed the long, elegant fingers of Okamiya Minako. Claws would make them more practical. It would allow her to render skin and flesh, rip out organs and slice arteries with deadly precision and ridiculous ease. The females of this world were so weak by comparison – how could they ever hope to accomplish anything?
The child in her belly kicked again. She looked down, took in the logical fact that she would soon reach labour, and smirked. Her power had been slowly seeping into the child since conception, making it as much hers as Minako's. Minako. Her tombstone would read: "Beloved wife, mother and daughter. Renowned exorcist." What it wouldn't say was how she'd disgraced herself by succumbing to the will of a demon. That the chi

Lilith Sushi-Troll

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